The Wolf of Gubbio and St. Francis

This is another of the miracles associated with St. Francis and the town of Gubbio.

The towns people of Gubbio were terrorized and being eaten by a hungry wolf. Terrified of the wolf, they asked St. Francis what they should do. St. Francis found the wolf and lovingly reasoned with him. He told the wolf that he should not be eating the people, and that if the wolf would stop eating them, they would instead feed him.

The wolf agreed, and the people of Gubbio did feed the wolf. They fed the wolf for the rest of his life, and they were very sad when the wolf finally passed away. They gave the wolf a proper burial and then build a church over his grave!

3 thoughts on “The Wolf of Gubbio and St. Francis

  1. sakkar01

    such nice sculptures – it almost seems like you see St. Francis or his sculpture any direction you turn. thanks for sending the info on the backpack carrying service.


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