The peaceful Monastery

We have enjoyed our day of rest in this Sanctuario della Verna. Situated on top of the Rock above the enchanted forest, this is truly a lovely place. No wonder it is considered one of the holiest places in Italy. St. Francis walked and prayed here.

Rather than try and talk about the views, feelings, and vibrations that cannot be conveyed by words, I will share some of the pictures.

Some of the relics of St. Francis, including his Habit.

Places where he worshipped when he visited La Verna.

Some of the frescoes depicting scenes of his life.

This is truly a powerful, holy place. We have had the good fortune of visiting many holy places. This, in our opinion, is also one.

7 thoughts on “The peaceful Monastery

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    Thank you for the stroll through the monastery and grounds. St Francis was an interesting man…a man of peace who appreciated the beauty of nature, like you two. How were the accommodations there?

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Amy, they refurbished rooms to be like hotel rooms with private baths. Quite nice! Clean sheets! There’s a dormitory, as well, for pilgrims who want to rough it. All nice!

  2. Lorene Noble

    Once again your pictures are amazing. I love following you on your adventures. It gives me hope that I too one day will travel tonsonenof these places. Thank you for sharing.

  3. sakkar01

    Wow , just Wow – truly a powerful place, I can just feel it from the pictures and so beautiful, some of the best pictures, wow! I must visit this place – how far are you from Assis from this place? I shall look this place up on the internet and make it a point to visit next time i am in Italy?


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