Journey Begins

This is our fourth Camino and one common theme emerges, “It feels hardest the first day!” Also getting into or out of a large city requires lot of asphalt walking.

We opted to walk along the river instead of the city street to get out of town. Morning temperatures were mild and cooling. The path along the river was mostly nice.

There were nice segments covered with trees and shrubs. We left at 6:30 in the morning, so we brought our breakfast along. None of the cafes were open, so we enjoyed our morning breakfast in the park.

The first five miles were pleasant. Next five miles we were on a two lane highway with not much shoulder to speak of. The temperature was in the 80’s and the only breeze was when the trucks passed us. Sides of the road were mostly peppered with olive trees.

Pontassieve, where we are staying tonight, is a quaint little town. The Sieve river passes through this town and then merges into Arno.

The town is getting ready for a 3 day food festival. Alas, we will be on our way before the fair starts.

Thank you for reading the blogs and making your comments. It means a lot to us. Pat and I both enjoy reading the comments. Helps keep our spirits up when we get tired!

11 thoughts on “Journey Begins

  1. Agnes De Doncker

    well you are of the a good start and it looks like the weather is cooperating will be here to support you along the way

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Even though you will miss the food festival at your first stop, being in Italy, I am sure you will get to enjoy variety of delicious food…

  3. Shalu

    I can feel myself relax just looking at your photos! I wish you had more time for the food festival, but I’m sure you’re getting great food regardless. You’re in Italy, after all!

  4. Sitara

    Wow!! What a wonderful start to a memorable journey. I love the thought of a quiet breakfast in the park and exploring the foods of small town Italy!

  5. Terry Kinnard

    It is good to see you both on what appears to be great adventure. I love the photos they bring back fond memories of Europe. May your journey be filled with fun and cool days.

  6. Monique Henningfield-Paxton

    Bummer that you could not be there for the food festival, but think of all the calories you are saving lol!!!

  7. Sakkar Azizuddin

    So the hardest day is done, and the rest shall now be a piece of cake ….. that must have been rough walking on a narrow shoulder along the highway with vehicles zipping by for so many miles – oh well; now that you are out of the big city, hopefully it will be mostly dirt trails now!!!

  8. Jan Lewallen

    Mike and I are in Budapest after completing a 6
    day cycling trip from Vienna to Budapest. Much of what you describe: starting early to enjoy the cool morning weather and traveling through small towns. It all sounds so similar to our adventure, but your routine is probably solidified by now. Thinking of you and living vicariously through your travels. Be safe and have fun. Jan


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