Waking up to Glory

How do you do justice to God’s pristine beauty. We woke up to splendor all around us. It was beautiful and ever-changing, with fog and cloud constantly moving in and out. 

Our destination was Dengboche, situated at 14,465 ft. We walked through the lush forest for the last time, as we were going to go beyond the timberline. 

Today was typical of the last two days. We hiked numerous ups and downs all morning, crossing rivers over suspension bridges. After lunch we were mostly climbing. 

Note: None of our cellular service works here, so posting all our beautiful pictures will not be possible. Since I was able to buy some data, I will post only a few pictures over the next few posts, as I am not sure how many I can post!

P.S. Today was an acclimatization day, so we climbed up to 15,200 ft and are now back down to 14,465 ft.  Tomorrow we hike to over 16,000 ft. 

1 thought on “Waking up to Glory

  1. Teresa

    You both are extremely adventurous! I really enjoy reading and seeing your pictures of “God’s pristine beauty.” Thank you for sharing. I could almost feel like I’m there with you 🙂


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