We arrived in Condom just in time to watch the Spanish festival. ​

There are enough Spanish folks living in and around the town, so they have the fall festival which the town’s people join in. 

The festival happens to be today and tomorrow. We are planning to take a few days of rest here, so we hope to see more of this tomorrow.  The church in the center of town is gorgeous. 

We started early in the morning for our 16 km walk. 

The next town was still sleeping when we stopped for our breakfast. 

A simple, peaceful church along the way. 

Harvesting of grapes by the giant machines. 

Beautiful cool morning with a breeze made the sun’s heat mild. 

Looking forward to few days of rest!

1 thought on “Festival 

  1. samji13700

    Nice to take a break during festival so you can enjoy local customs and traditions. I suppose during the day, they have only music. Probably in the evening, they may have the Spanish dancing, etc. Enjoy!


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