Down memory lane

Today was a day of nostalgia. Just about a year ago we walked this same stage. 

It is nice to leave the extreme weather we experienced over the last few days.  During the journey we had to deal with sharp ascents and descents, muddy conditions, and long stages.  The final chapter was the unseasonable weather.  Through it all we saw some great scenery and coastal views of beautiful Spain. 

We had a 20 km walk today to Pedrouza. There was no rain in the forecast for the morning, so we decided to leave just before sunrise. 

It was a brisk morning but we were prepared for it. It was amazing how some landmarks  were vivid while others had faded away. The countryside was beautiful and the path very serene and peaceful.  

Pat was so happy to be back on the Camino Frances with so many other pilgrims, places to stop and drink coffee or visit with other pilgrims. That is one thing we had missed on the Camino del Norte. We saw more pilgrims this morning than our entire six week journey on Camino del Norte. 


The trail was nice and the scenery beautiful. 

We stopped and visited the spots for breakfast and lunch that we had stopped at last year!

We are now settled in the same albergue we were in last year. 

Tomorrow will be our last stage of 19 km to Santiago.  


8 thoughts on “Down memory lane

  1. Shalu

    You’re so close! The pictures are beautiful and I’m counting down the hours until you make it back to Santiago de Compostella! Lots of hugs.

  2. Sitara

    I’m so excited you’re so close to Santiago. I am so envious. Where are you planning on staying? I wish I could be there with you. Maybe next summer Glen and I can join you:) Lots of love your way.

  3. Carla Pai

    Pat and Enayet, I had comp[any and missed reading and writing to you. Have a great walk the rest of the Camino. I am so in awe of your walking the Camino again. Beun Camino my friends. Great job. Hugs, Carla


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