Playa Poo

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning. 

 We were staying about 2 km from the famous Bufones of Austaria.  It was almost on the Camino path (on an alternate and scenic path). We decided to check it out. While we could hear the roar of the Bufones, the tide was too low for the splash. 

We continued on the beautiful GR 9 route that took us to our next village where we climbed to a beautiful view point. 


From there we were supposed to take another scenic route to avoid the highway. We passed through a pretty golf course atop the mountain plateau. Unfortunately, halfway through the golf course, we realized that we had made a mistake. We did not want to backtrack, so we decided to climb down the mountain to the actual path through a steep slope and sharp bramble bushes. My shorts were not protecting me, so I had to change into long pants and make the tough descent to the path below. The last 4 feet was a straight jump. Fortunately there was a pilgrim down below to help us ease down to the path.  She happened to be an American, and we enjoyed our walk and lunch with Kristin from North Carolina. 

While we were having lunch in Llanes, we ran into Emily from Ireland whom we had met several times on the Camino over the last few days. We enjoyed our lunch and stories. 

We moved on to our final stop for the day in the town of Poo, where we are in a very pleasant alburgue close to a gorgeous beach.  This was a nice day for a 15 km hike with its twist and turns. 


12 thoughts on “Playa Poo

  1. Sitara

    I am obsessed with that last picture of you two on the beach. Even if the beach is called Poo. Love you two beautiful people!!

  2. Dolly bhushan

    I this is Dolly. Now I know why You have such a fan following visit the most amazing of places. And your photography is super duper.


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