Sweet simple things

“It is the sweet, simple things in life which are the real ones after all.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder
In my in box today I found this saying and I thought this would be perfect beginning for my blog. 

This is what awaited us outside our albergue when we woke up. 

I am not sure if you noticed or not from yesterday’s albergue picture that the front of the albergue is used as bull arena!

Town of Deba rests along the rio Deba as it merges into the ocean. From Deba, the next major stop is 22 km over collado de Arno (500 meter climb).  After 4 straight days we needed a day of rest. We decided to make today a leisurely day. The van brought us back to Deba, where we acquired our food supply for the next day and headed to a private albergue some 7 km on the path.

Soon we were above Deba and ready to leave the coast for few days. 


Here is a picture of Basque cake that Monique asked for (I usually get the little one). 



Here are some pictures from yesterday that I could not load due to very slow internet. 


Escargot anyone?

Yesterday we stopped for lunch around 2 when the rain stopped for a bit. We were happy to shed our backpacks while we had our picnic. I noticed these acrobatic snails in the bushes and realized I should not complain about my backpack as they were carrying their whole bedroom with them. 


5 thoughts on “Sweet simple things

  1. Sam

    Basque cake looks yummy – too bad, I did not even try it last year.
    It was great talking with you, Enayet.

  2. Hannah Martin

    Hello, again. This is Hannah Martin. You are so descriptive in your narration that I feel I am with you.

    I also feel, I need to get to Spain ASAP! Keep the blog posts coming. I really enjoy them.

    Continue having a safe and beautiful trip.

  3. Monique Henningfield

    Thanks for the picture of the Basque cake!! They look so yummy!!!! No wonder they’re your favorite!! 🙂


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