Donestia San Sabastian 

Sunday morning the ferry starts late. The first ferry was at 7:45, so we were forced to sleep in!  The morning view of the village was beautiful and it reminded me of Cinque Terre in Italy.

The climb started right after the boat crossing .  Mount Ulia was beckoning us. The view was once again beautiful. We think that even the views themselves are on steroids. 

Everything that goes up must come down, so we began our descent into San Sabastian. This being the first summer weekend and the fact that Friday was a holiday, and now it was the weekend, the two beautiful beaches were crowded and colorful. 

The first beach is the Zurriola beach,  where we had our late breakfast (we already had a snack along the way).  We had our first huevos fritos of this trip (we lived on this for breakfast on our last Camino). 

 The next, La Concha Bay, is even bigger and more colorful and scenic.  By this time the sun was high and the temperature sizzling. 

 We have decided to spend the night here in San Sabastian rather than continue another 16 km (to the next Albergue). This way we can enjoy San Sabastian and then start early for our next adventure tomorrow.

We just finished swimming and are now ready to shop for breakfast and lunch as the next meal is at least 16 km away. 

6 thoughts on “Donestia San Sabastian 

  1. Carla Pai

    Inayet and pat, what a perfect beginning to your Camino. The path was absolutely beautiful and then the beach. Rest well, I can’t wait to find what happens tomorrow. Hugs. Beun camino. Carla wishing she was with you.

  2. sakkar01

    the climbs look daunting but the views appear to be worth it. so Enayet, you started on Saturday, August 1st right and you are spending night 2, that is Sunday night in San Sebastian?

  3. Cristina

    We love seeing your photos! We remember San Sebastian from our trip to Spain back in 2012. Keep having fun! 🙂


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