Auf Wiedersehen to Mike and Franziska 

We throughly enjoyed our visit and this morning it was time to move on. 

We made a two hour stop at Stuttgart early in the morning on our way to Munich. 

Our first stop in Munchen was of course Marienplatz. 

From there we headed to the farmers market and then to Hofbräuhaus for pretzel and dinner. 

On the way back we saw a demonstration by the fascist party at Marienplatz. Interestingly there was a large group who were believers of diversity and inclusiveness surrounding them and booing them.

The dancers wearing white, performing at the same time in the plaza, were a great way to bring the focus to cultural diversity and away from narrow mindedness!

7 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen to Mike and Franziska 

  1. Bilquis

    This is what I love about European Plazas – You can enjoy several thing in the same place. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for making us travel with you virtually:)

  2. Franziska & Michael

    Yes, we had a very nice time together. Thank you having you here and that you spent your time with us. Thank you for the special gifts, but the greatest gift is your time.
    Hi Sakkar an SAM, thank you for your greetings – hope you are well.
    Hi Patricia, what a big BREZEL you bougth in München – this is minimum for 4 People 🙂


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