Journey to Foncebaden

Today our goal was to walk 18 km to Foncebaden, only 2km from Cruz de Ferroz.

This felt like the last full day in Meseta as the landscape has changed completely and we are in the lush green and hilly terrain. I am not sure how many beautiful sun rises will be in the next stages.




It was once again a fantastic morning for a hike. The slight coolness in the air made it sweet. Half waning moon was spreading enough light so we did not need flash light in the morning. We left at about 6:25 and were in El Ganso before the town was up so we kept going to the next town.

We made it to Rubinal De Camino by 9:30 and had already covered over 10 km. After breakfast we moved IMO our slow climb of the day through the beautiful mountIn toward Foncebaden.

Foncebaden was a ghost town until 2000 and is beginning to come alive with albergue’s due to Camino.

I am unable to load any pictures as there are no wifi in this town and the phone signal is not strong enough to upload pictures.

We are settled in for the day with a nice lunch. Few of us decided to climb to Cruz De Feroze this afternoon after the rain as we will be passing it early in the morning before the sun rise.

Tomorrow after a brief climb we will be going down to Ponfereda some 25 km. It is a much bigger town so hopefully I can post the pictures for both day.

3 thoughts on “Journey to Foncebaden

  1. Terry

    Continue to enjoy your text and photos. It feels that you have gained energy. It is so much fun to see your progress. Thanks so much for sharing I feel like I am with you.


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