13th Century Bridge

Today we decided to stay with another 20 km day. Our goal was the tiny town of Santebeniz De Valdeiglesias. We again took the slightly longer and more scenic path to Astorga.


The wifi connection is very bad in this town so I am not sure if I can upload any more pictures. It took me quite a long time to load the two above.




Since I can’t seem to load the pictures, I will provide a quick summary. We traveled about 9 km before breakfast. It turned out to be a fairly leisurely day as we moved from town to town in a group. We enjoyed the 13th century bridge (last picture) as we walked through history. The scenery is changing as we are in hing toward the end of Meseta in the next few days. We start to begin our climbs starting tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “13th Century Bridge

  1. Shalu

    Good work on including all of your beautiful and joyous faces in one selfie! Looking forward to more updates from the end of the Meseta!

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Hi Sweetie, this is Aunt Patty from the Camino! I am glad you are following our trip. We are having an amazing time! Hope all is well with you guys! Love you all, honey! —Aunt Patty


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