Inching toward Leon

Every time we cross a highway or a village we see the signs for our biggest city on the way to Santiago. It is merely 60 km away. In America that would be just a 30 to 45 minute drive to work or visit to a friends home. When you are walking the Camino, that is a 2 day walk if you are covering 30 km a day. For most that is 3 days of walk.

We had to make the choice of taking the Camino Francis which allows you to make it in 17, 19, and 18 km chunks. We could also take the Romero way which was 10, 25, and 18 km (two routes merge on the last day from Mansila to Leon). Both the guide recommend to take the bus as it is industrial and requires crossing the freeway multiple times.

For today we decided to stay on the Camino Frances and travel 17 km to El Burgo Renero another small town but with multiple Albergue and restaurant as well as a grocery store.

Once again we were treated to a magnificent sun rise spectacle.
















We were ready with breakfast this morning and made a picnic stop around 7 km away (every ones pace has improved and the are moving a lot faster even with all the aches and sores)..

Continued on part 2…

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