Boadilla to Carrion De Los Condes

Our goal for today was 26.5 km so we began at 6:25 in the morning.


We made good progress walking along the canal. The morning breeze was sweet and comforting. It reminded me of the early morning walks we used to do as kids in Chittagong. As we walked we started to plan out our next reunion hopefully in December of 2015 in Bangladesh. We will see if this can materialize or we were just reminiscing the good old days. The early morning light just slowly filtered in as we kept walking at a brisk pace.








We made it to Formista before 8 am covering 6 km and had a quick breakfast. We then travelled another 2 km to the next town where we had the choice of wking along the canal again or walk along the highway (slightly shorter). We chose the scenic route which was another 10 km. along the way we met Pepe. Who was sharing fruits and candies with the pilgrims.









A little past 12 we had already covered about 20 km. we decided to check out the beautiful church and grab a lunch before our last push of the day in the hot sun.





I though the last 6+ km in hot Meseta sun will be slow and hard but team Camino after completing 3 full weeks is rocking and strong. We reached our destination without struggling and ready to explore the town. After dinner when I checked our mileage we had done over 31 km for the day, a new record for us.

We are staying in the monastery of Santa Clara whose claim to fame is the fact that St Francis of Assisi stayed here while doing the Camino. We get to enjoy his energy tonight. We wanted to have dinner with the singing nuns but they are on a spiritual retreat. We did enjoy the singing and sharing communal experience with other pilgrims and volunteers of the Santa Maria alberge.

8 thoughts on “Boadilla to Carrion De Los Condes

  1. Shalu

    Congratulations on the new record! I’m now glad we’re not friends on fitbit because you must be obliterating the “competition.” The canal looks beautiful and enjoy the good energy! I loved the poem that you put up of his earlier.

  2. Sunita Swaroop

    Vandana- we got your voicemail and hope you are having a good time. We are well and am staying with Suki for a few days. Love, Bare Didi

  3. kaycunnane

    We used to sing a song on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi:
    If you want your dreams to be
    Take your time go slowly
    Do few things but do them well
    Simple joys are holy

    Continued blessings!

  4. Carol

    What an amazing journey. You all look so lovely. energized, calm, serene, toned and spiritual.
    I will join you in December 2015!


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