Day 3 – Roncesssville to Zuberi

We started day 1 with 8 km with climb up the Pyrenees. Day 2 was finishing the climb of Pyrenees and coming into Spain with steep climb up and then steep climb down to roncessville, a impressive 17.9 km.

Today we attempted our longest hike yet of 22.5 km. if we were sore yesterday, I am not sure what to call today. We have successfully finished though and that feels good. We are hungry and I am finally getting a chance to do this blog with wifi (but still using my iPhone as all the pictures are on the phone.

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement as I have been reading it to team camino (most of the time so far we have had little to no connection)., and I have been the connection with all of you.

Here is some of the pictures from today. The day again start cool and mist turning into mist. The scenery was again fantastic.



















9 thoughts on “Day 3 – Roncesssville to Zuberi

  1. Cristina

    Love the photos and updates! Keep up the good work!! Cousin Bill Moeder and his kids, Annie and Billy, stopped by to see us in Davidson on their way to college! Annie is going to Clemson in SC and Billy is going to Florida State! So great to see them!!
    Buena suerte and have fun!!

  2. Shalu

    It looks beautiful there! I know you all are tired and I hope you maximize your rest days. You all are so inspiring! Also, I tried to call mom’s cell but it doesn’t seem to be working. Get lots of rest tonight and thanks for updating!

  3. Sujata

    I feel that I am enjoying this trip vicariously and without the pain. Thank you uncle for this blog. Keep it coming!

  4. Greg and Mandy

    Buen Camino!! Good to see that you’re making good use of the Altus ponchos..Your pictures brought back memories for us – although we had dry and sunny weather for the first two weeks. Looks like all is going well — you are in our thoughts

  5. Camino Carla

    When I walked the Camino a few weeks ago it rained three days.. Enjoy the rainy days and the sunny days. Enjoy it all. I loved Sitara doing the chicken dance. Pat, you look good and happy. Vandu, you are always looking good. I saw Shakar doing what every pilgrim should do, rest your legs on every break and have a cup of cafe con Leche !! keep the pictures coming Enayat. I am travelling again with all of you. You have done the hard work, it is easy now until O Cebrerio. Hugs

  6. Sabza Jiwani

    Nice to know your good progress, u all keep it up, wish u all strength and safe and good times and less sore feet


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