La Dolce Vita

The sweet life.
After a beautiful day in sjpdp we are officially in our Camino path. Here is the sampling of our first day of hike to Orisson. What a gorgeous hike up the Pyrenees. It turned out to be a fairly short day, a good way to acclimate us to the longer hike tomorrow.


In front of our alberge with our host Jose.





It was perfect day for hiking with clouds, mists, rain, and sunshine all mixed I. During the hike and creating some nice views.

4 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita

  1. cojim

    What memories your photos stir. Stopping at Orisson is a good way to ease into the long climb, as you probably have realized by the time you read this comment. Ultreia!

  2. cjiwani

    Looks beautiful!! I’m glad your first day wasn’t too difficult. Don’t forget to have salt (electrolytes) and if you sit down during the hike, make sure to keep your legs out straight and just a little bent to keep blood flow moving so you don’t get too tight.
    Love you!

  3. Bilquis Khan

    Amazing! Finally the journey begins! Inshallah perfect beginning will bring a joyful journey Great company makes journey easier. Keep enjoying each moment and you would not even feel a breath of tiredness.

    Happy walking! Bilquis



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