Feeling of Gratitude

2012-01-14 10.43.04All the work responsibility and loose ends are taken care of as we pack our backpacks for the final time.  I have had a chance to mediate for over an hour the last two days and I feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude toward so many people and the divine.

Usually I take vacation and never think twice about it, but this is the first time in my career that I have taken a two-month vacation.  I have had to structure and organize the teams so that they can operate effectively and successfully without my interference for next two months.  Everyone at work has been so supportive and  gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable about the time off.  I am so grateful to all my co-workers and teams for allowing me this luxury to go on this dream pilgrimage.

I am so grateful to the universe for conspiring to make it possible for me to experience this upcoming journey. I feel so blessed with a wonderful family, great friends, great relatives, wonderful co-workers, a great job and an absolutely wonderful life.  I am not sure I can wish for anything more and am in an state of awe and wonder at how life can be so beautiful and simple if we choose to embrace things as they are presented to us without judgement and bias.


5 thoughts on “Feeling of Gratitude

  1. Camino Carla

    Enayet,Pat, Sitara,Sakkar and Vandana, Praveena and I just got back from walking 300 miles of the Camino and I am so excited to see your blog and read about your journey. I had an amazing time. When I see the photographs that I took I can’t believe that I met so many interesting and giving people that will stay friends for the rest of my life. The places that we passed and the paths that we took are just beautiful beyond words. Enjoy this special time. Talk to everyone you meet. Everyone has a story and lesson to remember. Listen to your body, send your Mochila if your back or legs hurt, stop for coffee or a dessert. Just enjoy and keep us posted. I can’t wait to go on this journey again with you. Love and hugs,
    Camino Carla,

  2. cojim

    Bon voyage, vaya con Dios, and most of all Buen Camino to all in your group. Jeanette and I are looking forward to reading your blog as you post along the way. You will have an amazing, wonderful, and enlightening experience. Ultreia!

  3. cojim

    “…Look forward to catching up when we return.”
    And so do we. Good health and safe travels…take care of your feet!


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