Precious Moments

As we walked today to complete our Pat’s and my 5th Camino in 6 years, I was stricken with the value of each moment. Walking the Camino has confirmed how precious every moment is. I never dreamed that over this period of walking I would also be blogging for over 2000 miles. Blogging was a way for me to be in the moment and be able to see the beauty all around me. I notice the tinniest little flower or bug and enjoy all aspects of nature and people.

It was also fun to have my sister along for this Camino, just like the first one. She has such zest for life and loves to explore the world. The long days of walking are never easy but the rewards are tremendous. One feels alive and connected to the world.

Again thanks for all your well wishes and support. We bid you goodbye from this adventure in 2019 with today’s pictures.

12 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. Anam Premji

    Beautiful uncle! Congrats to all 3 of you for finishing strong! You’re such an inspiration! And looks like the weather was good the last day! Safe travels

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Wow, 5 Caminos! Having been together for a short time towards the end of your first Camino and observing the thrills and agonies, I can say it is an extra-ordinary adventure.

    Congrats and a big hug.

  3. Bob Wellauer

    Many thanks to you, Camino Mystics, for sharing. Once again from our living room we enjoyed your wondrous travels while busy on our own journeys. Best wishes to you all. Bob & Lizette

  4. Cristina Shaul

    Fabulous! What fun we had following along on your latest big adventure! Love the happy photo of Aunt Patty at the end! Safe travels to you all on your way back home. xo, Crissy

  5. Bery Jooste

    It was so lovely to have met you, Pat and your sister along the way. You will go down in history as the only group we ever passed along the way. 😂😂We did the bus trip to Finisterre and really enjoyed it. Best wishes for your future travels.
    Regards, Beryl and the South African girls!


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